20 things to do in my 20's.


As per, my intro is about how crap I am at keeping my blog page fresh - my main platform is Instagram, don't shoot me!!

However, after a busy few months I'm finding myself with a free Sunday (Dominoes on its way.) It was my birthday in the middle of last month and I thought this topic was ideal considering I've just turned 20. My birthday was pretty standard, I'm more of a Christmas gal - although a new tattoo and a new car made this birthday that little bit more special. Not to mention that the boy is taking me on a giraffe safari!!

Suede jacket - NewLook
Black high waist Joni jeans - Topshop
Serena fur lined DMs - Doc Marten

I found myself sitting at the table, thinking "What have I achieved this year? What else could I have done?" which gave me the inspiration for this post. Sort of a bucket list, for now I've only thought of random things... Here are my 20 things to accomplish before I'm 30.

1. I think this is the most daring thing I'll probably ever do (if I ever actually pluck up the courage to do it!!) I want to swim with sharks - the pictures of my dad doing this makes me wanna go to Africa and do exactly the same.

2. Find my 'passion.' This one is vague because, who really know's where to start and it's not really something you can go out and actually look for. My passion (I thought) was being a nail tech, but due to medical issues - this crashed and burned quite quickly. Damn you extra sensitive skin.

Suede jacket - NewLook
Black high waist Joni jeans - Topshop

3. Motivate myself to eat healthy and exercise - IBS girl over here who loves a loaf of bread and a pint of milk (big no no for anyone who has this problem.) I'm trying not to be so bad... starting Monday I'll be trying out a new FODMAP diet. Anyone who follows this - please let me know if it worked for you!! Also... all my fitness lovers, please please please let me know an easy work-out plan I might actually stick to..!!!

Aviator fur lined coat - Zara
Turtle neck grey jumper - NewLook

4. Buy my own place, whether it be a flat or house - I'm not fussy, I just want somewhere that's mine! I am obsessed with house inspo on Instagram and Pinterest and have so many idea's waiting to be put to use in my own little nest.

5. Fail, and try again - enough said.

Jumper - ASOS
Trousers - PEPandCO

6. Visit a different place (UK or not) every year. Avoid going back to the same place - I'm a sucker for Amsterdam. I'd like to visit Paris, Prague or Barcelona next year. Anyone got any suggestions for a proper holiday or maybe even a little city break?

7. See at least 2 more wonders of the world, Niagara Falls - Canada being my first.

8. Travel alone, anyone who knows me will know I am such a wimp, I get lost when alone in London - who knows what I'd be like in a different country?!

Aviator fur lined coat - Zara
Turtle neck grey jumper - NewLook

9. Go to Glastonbury!!! I'd like to go with my family and have a FamFest weekend, my auntie would agree!!!

10. Start my own mini business. I'd love to have my own eye shadow collection or maybe even lashes. I'm obsessed with small businesses and absolutely admire anyone who owns one!

11. Embrace being young - this one is so important. I'm so boring, so sensible and need to grow a pair. I need to just go out on a works night and not be feared by a hangover - I'll sleep when I'm dead.

12. Staying in a job for longer than a year... I'm awful at this. As bad as it is to stay, I either quit or something happens to me - for example, I quit being a Deputy at NewLook because I was at risk or redundancy, anyone who's been through this - it sucks. It also effects you much more than you think mentally. My luck = fail.

Suede jacket - NewLook
Pink corset bodysuit - ASOS
Black high waist, wide leg trousers - ASOS
Barely there heels - NewLook

13. Own a pet. I love black cats and I also love Shar Pei's - wrinkly but soooooooo adorable.

14. Live abroad for a year, whether it be with someone or by myself - either suits me.

15. Finally start posting pictures of my favorite makeup looks. Own it. Not care what anyone else has to think about it.

16. Give blood. I am the worst person when it comes to needles, so this would be a huge 'Well Done' when I finally become a blood doner!

17. Visit a Medium, spirits intrigue me - this may be ticked off sooner than I think.

18. Ride all the roller-coasters at Thorpe Park - haaaattteeeee rides.

Aviator fur lined coat - Zara
Turtle neck grey jumper - NewLook

19. Learn a new language. Working at ASOS has made me see how many different cultures and languages there actually is - interesting.

Black V neck, side split dress - Missguided

20. Treat my mum to a holiday, she deserves the best.

Has anyone thought of their own bucket lists? I'd like to know what you want to do!

Courtney-Jordan x

First time jitters

Hi all, me again. 

As I lay in bed after only my second blogging event ever, with catch up TV on editing the best photos I’ve ever had taken of me for my blog Instagram I realise I have already come along way.


Starting a blog is difficult, especially when you are so influenced by the opinions of everyone else - and I for one know I am a sucker for caring about what everyone else thinks. So I decided, this would be perfect for a blog post topic.

Anyone felt like their blog picture isn’t good enough, doesn’t want anyone to know they do a blog, doesn’t feel like they spend enough for blog content, doesn’t wear fashionable enough clothes? Me too. I think the best feeling is when you finally start to look at one of your platforms and feel a sense of achievement. 

I've looked back on myself, since 2014. I have always tried my hardest, but always given up. Now I am more focused than ever. I have a fab group of blogging friends who cheer me on and tell me to man up when I have a wobble (tough love, I need than sh*t.)
They are all amazing, really thriving and I am so proud of them!!

I currently have 260 followers, which is a real achievement considering it took me FOUR months to get to 100! My issue is I just don't believe in myself! Right now I am feeling motivated, and I wanted to inspire bloggers that are just starting out - you will get to where you want!! You got this!!

I have had a rubbish year, literally one step forward & two steps back. Hating two different jobs and leaving, to then get my dream job and being put in the situation of being made redundant. Starting my own little nail business as a hobby - getting the worst case of eczema on my hands. Getting another fab job at ASOS, having some hiccups on the way there. After all of this, I have never been more motivated.

I hope this post has inspired you, if your feeling rubbish and like your not moving at a fast enough pace - you are doing the best you can and that will benefit you so much.

Thanks for reading guys - Courtney-Jordan <3

 P.s. Happy Autumn! October is my favourite month!!!!!!!!!!